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Law of Attraction (Bits & Pieces)
philippines law of attraction


I have read or listened to all of these, at least once!
Philippines blogs
Law Of Attraction by Michael Losier
Law Of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks
The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther & Jerry Hicks
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
The Science Of Being Great by Wallace Wattles
Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Calming Your Anxious Mind by Jeffrey Brantley, Md
Virus Of The Mind by Richard Brodie
The Biology Of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, Phd
The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes
Shift Your Mind by Jeannie E Javelosa
As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Audio Programs:
about us
The Power by Rhonda Byrne (intoduced 10/2010)

Ask And It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks
The Science Of Getting Rich by Bob Proctor
Making The Shift (live weekend seminar / 6 audio cds)
The Luck Factor by Brian Tracy

how we are helping your country
The Shift
by Dr. Wayne Dyer
The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

Free Goodies:
article archives (click on "gifts for you"), available are some e-books,    movies, "blank check from the Universe", several other downloads
attract money now by Joe Vitale... free e-book download
Hay House Radio listen to live or pre-recorded shows featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer, Robert Thurman, Robert  Holden, Lisa Williams, many many more!

My Introduction to the Law Of Attraction:
Philippine Tom
In January of 2007 I received a phone call from a friend telling me to turn on the tv and watch Oprah.  I really admire Oprah but never had an interest in watching her program before.  In fact, if I was home at that time and felt the need to watch tv I would have preferred watching "Judge Judy"!


print your
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--->>> veiw some Law Of Attraction photos <<<---


When I tuned in Oprah was talking to Rhonda Byrnes (author of "The Secret", and several other of the teachers in the movie... Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, etc).  My friend really knew me well because my eyes were glued to the set while they spoke.


As soon as the show was over I ordered the movie from Amazon, and that was the beginning of my slow but very steady transformation.  As of today, I can't even guess how many times I've watched the movie.  When I began searching for a deeper understanding of the universal law that states "you are what you think about" I realized that the movie just scratched the surface and I have lots to learn.


article archivesThe single best thing for me personally to help me understand was the book "The Science Of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles.  It's a short book, less than 100 pages and a very easy read.  I've long ago lost count of how many times I've read this book as well, and later I ordered the audio explaination of it by Bob Proctor (also one of the teachers in the movie). 


Another source of very powerful information is the books, audios, and classes by Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings Of Abraham).  Even though Rhonda's book and movie are a huge reason that most everyone today knows at least something about The Law Of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks have been heavily involved in teaching it for many years previous to the Oprah show I saw.


In 1997 I read "Think And Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill.  I didn't realize it until I re-read it recently that although he used different phrases and terminology since that book was written so long ago, he is teaching us to use The Law Of Attraction.


I'm sure the list is never ending of Authors and speakers that have explained this powerful subject.  In fact, just last month I listened to an audio book I've had for at least 7 or 8 years by Brian Tracy, called "The Luck Factor".  Years ago when I bought and listened to it, I never realized that even he was teaching The Law Of Attraction.


What books, audios, or other sources of information have you found most powerful for you.  Please contact me at or even easier for you just click on the contact tab at the top of the page where you'll have a space to write whatever you like.  I would love to post your comments if you won't mind so please let me know if you prefer not to use them.  Of course I will never use your name unless you ask me to.


Besides posting the books, audios, movies, etc. that are available, I would like to include some posts of transformations and manifestations that have either already materialized or are in motion for you.  I can tell you that for me... my new websites and business would NEVER had occured if I had not taken an interest in The Law Of Attraction".  I'm 100% sure that it is what opened my eyes to the possiblilty of creating a business that is free of competition, with my main goal of helping to inspire so many people in the Philippines, and as a side creating a more balanced and pleasurable lifestyle for myself.  If I would have dismissed The Law Of Attraction I surely would have still just been "getting by" with my carpet cleaining business.


That's not to mention my crossing paths with Rhea.  My past involves lots of ups and downs and emotional distractions.  Now I know that I experienced those things for a reason, on purpose, in preparation of meeting Rhea and everything else that is going so well for me now.


I'll update this page frequently so be sure to check back often, and please feel free to share your inspiration! 

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